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Marketing Minute: Grandparents


Grandparents. Now, why grandparents? Well, grandparents are such an important part of our independent school community. I mean, think of how many grandparents really want to be involved in their grandchildren's lives. In addition, how many are helping out with tuition or supporting families in other ways? So we need to make sure that we're engaging this important group. 

Now, usually around this time, there are lots of efforts to maybe have a grandparents' day or something like that, but we really need to think more strategically.   

How are we engaging and really connecting with our grandparents year-round? 

What are we doing to engage and connect with those grandparents who live far away?  

There are so many things we need to think about, and really this is a strategy, so mapping out your year…how you're going to engage this essential group, is definitely something that you want to have on your radar right now. 

So tell me how are you going to strategize and really put in place a plan that engages grandparents this year?

Many of the ways that you are connecting parents can also be relevant to grandparents. In these blogs, I give some ideas that could spark some ideas... 

The 4 Keys to retention

4 Effective Communications for Retention

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