Marketing Minute: Increasing Attendance at Admissions Tours and Events

Dec 10, 2022

Admissions've scheduled them, prepared for them, sent a follow-up email...and then no one shows up. Frustrating right?

We're going to talk about two Admissions tips that will really help decrease no-shows at your tours and admissions events. Recently we were talking about this in our Small School Leaders meet-up and they had some great suggestions.

Number one, try texting. Texting is amazing, and if you think about how parents operate nowadays and what they're doing, texting is a great way to send reminders to parents about tours and events. Think about it. Your doctor, your hairstylist, they're all texting us with reminders. So figure out a texting system that works for you and use it for Admissions.

And number two, and this is a really easy one, is to use Vidyard or some other video-sharing tool where you can create personalized messages for attendees coming. Now I know this sounds hard, but you really need to try it out to see that it is very simple to use and you can batch quite a few in a very short amount of time. They're not long and complicated, just a quick "Hi I'm Aubrey, and I am looking forward to seeing you on Thursday at 3 pm for our tour." The personalized message videos are huge. And guess what? They increase attendance. Because people feel like you know them, you've seen them and you're expecting them to show up. And I've gotten a lot of positive feedback from the Heads of Schools who are doing this.

So those are two tips for you to increase your Admissions show-up rates at your events.

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