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Is there ever really a "slow" time for school leaders?

In schools, we often have this false belief/hope that there are actually lulls and "down time" in our roles.

After almost 20 years in the field, I can tell you that is rarely the case. Yes, there might be a dip here and there. And perhaps a little bit of a break over the summer. But mostly what happens, especially in small schools, is that there is an unexpected "fire" that takes up our time and energy during our "slow" time.

That's why planning out our year, creating content in advance, and expecting the unexpected (fires! challenges! bumps in the road!), is critically important to our success.

Tell me, do you believe there is a slow time? How do you navigate the "fires"? Email me I would love to hear about it! [email protected] 


Small schools are unique. They face different challenges than larger schools, and having a community that understands these challenges is an important part of maintaining our passion for this meaningful work. Our FREE Small School Leaders monthly meetup is the perfect place to find the support and connection you've been looking for! 

Our next Small School Leaders meet-up is Thursday, September 15th, 12pm EST. I hope you will plan to join us 👍 😎

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