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The Challenge of Silos


Today we're going to talk about silos. I always think of silos on a farm filled with corn. And I suppose that it’s the way each one contains only one product, and keeps it insulated from the weather on the farm is where the term came from. And if you think about it, schools tend to have a lot of silos. It's usually because that's the way it's traditionally always been done.

But what we're finding is that, especially when we're looking at holistic marketing and integrating everything, we're finding that silos aren't actually that effective. Because we need everyone working together on projects. We need them to understand and use consistent messaging, the different marketing involved, and how the brand is used, everything like that. So when we're siloed,—each section doing its own thing at its own time—this makes it very difficult for that to happen and creates mixed messaging and confusion for the outer community. 

 My challenge to you this month is to have you take some time and think about what each of your departments doing. Is it a siloed approach? How can you bring them more together and be able to work together to move the mission forward? I hope you'll let me know what you discover. 

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