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Surprise and Delight = Reciprocity


I'm going to talk to you today about a really cool concept called Surprise & Delight. You might already be doing this and not even know it's a thing, but I'm going to tell you about it. 

Surprise & Delight is where you do something unexpected for someone, and it's usually somewhat personalized and therefore really appreciated. 

And it's interesting when we do this, it triggers something called reciprocity.  

So I'll give you an example. There's a school we know that's known for its environmental program. Their students have an organic farm, with vegetables and chickens and things like that. So on tours, the Admissions person would take them on a tour of the farm and have them pick their own vegetables, and include a recyclable bag, and a personalized note from one of the students, and this makes it an individualized experience. 

So does that mean people automatically enroll in your school? No.

But it actually triggers something (reciprocity) where they then want to do something for you back.  And so what this might look like is writing a Google Review, or telling a friend about your school, even if they didn't end up choosing it. And sometimes it ends up in enrollment. 

It's just one of those things to understand and embrace as we're looking at your enrollment, marketing, and development efforts. Surprise & Delight.  

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