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Tips, tricks, and strategies that help small schools attract and retain families!

6 Strategies to Boost your Creativity (and Independent School Marketing!) in 2020

Dec 17, 2019

Creativity + Innovation = Effective Independent School Marketing!

Think you don't need creativity? Friend, you're so wrong!

If you're a Head of School or Marketing Director (or any independent school employee!), you need creativity. Why? Creativity IS marketing. And marketing is vital to the survival of your school!

Without really CREATIVE marketing, you're not going to attract and retain the families you need to run a sustainable independent school.

Inside this video you'll learn 6...

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5 Tips for Engaging Independent School Families this Holiday Season (that'll help your marketing and retention efforts!)

Dec 12, 2019

The Holiday Season = High Engagement for Private School Families!

If you're like most people in independent schools, you're counting down the days until your winter holiday vacation (and a much deserved break!).

But wait!

This holiday season is the BEST time to create warm and fuzzy moments with your private school families and truly engage them in your mission and the life of the school.

I'll share some of my favorite tips for engaging families during the holiday season in this video.


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The Secrets to a Successful Private School Marketing Team (or any team!)

Nov 05, 2019

Searching for the recipe for a successful team? Look no further! In this video, I share the team philosophy that's resulted in success. It's how we get so much done with such small teams.

First, I ask every team to embrace this: "Perfectionism kills dreams. And Marketing." And along with this I ask them to stop striving for the A+. We're not getting graded anymore people!

Since these small teams have to produce massive amounts of work, they can't get hung up on perfectionism. Our...

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More Campers in the Door! How to Successfully Market your Independent School's Summer Camp

Nov 05, 2019

How well are you marketing your Summer Camp?

Summer Camps often provide the much-needed revenue that supplements the school's tuition gap. Yet, many of us aren't marketing this revenue-generator as strategically as our school admissions.

So how do you up-level your Summer Camp marketing? With the strategies found in this video! 



Founder, Easy School Marketing

P.S. Connect with me on LinkedIn - I'd love to hear about your favorite tips!

#privateschool ...

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3 Marketing Strategies Every Independent School Needs: Areas of Growth to Overcome a Competitive Marketing Landscape

Oct 16, 2019

How do you stand out in this competitive private school market? What's today's marketing landscape look like and what strategies work? 

Today we're diving into 3 Areas of Growth schools need to focus on and the strategies to help them grow and thrive to meet marketing challenges. Let's get started!

 What's the Marketing Landscape?

As the book Blue Ocean Shift so nicely summed up, we're swimming in a red ocean full of sharks. It's a competitive environment. Independent Schools are...

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How to Create Independent School Marketing Videos for Less (and why you need to do it)

Oct 09, 2019

Hey friends, 

I love this topic! Why? Because it's 1) easy, 2) cheap, and 3) vital to your marketing plan.

So, let's jump in. Today's video is about how to capture video when your school lacks resources and time. 

If you're unfamiliar with my philosophy about quantity over quality then listen to my video about team strategies.

But here it is in a nutshell. In order for a small school marketing team to succeed in this digitally focused world, they need to produce at a huge...

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This FREE Tool Helps Private Schools Rank Higher on Google

Sep 23, 2019

We know our millennial families are checking us out online. But I see soooo many schools not utilizing this easy, free tool!!

Let me tell you, it's a game changer! So grab your computer or phone and I'm going to show you how to find and use this tool

Ok, we're going to start by Googling your school's name. What comes up? Look at the right hand side of your screen (in the center if on a smart phone). Do you see a listing of your school's name, address and phone number and Google reviews?


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The "Try Before you Buy" Marketing Strategy that Gets Independent School Families in the Door!

Sep 22, 2019

Hey, I'm soooo excited to share this technique with you. Why? Because it's rarely used (effectively!) at small schools. 

And it's basically a direct line into your enrollment funnel. Are you ready to hear more?

Ok, let's first start out with the why behind "try before you buy." Millennial parents are looking for that "know, like and trust" factor before they purchase anything. 

You don't believe me? Start counting how many companies offer you a free trial of something. Absolutely...

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Simple Marketing Strategies to Retain More Independent School Families

Sep 13, 2019

I'm sure you've heard it before, but it's worth repeating: It costs substantially more to attract a new family than it does to retain one. 

Every school I've worked with has retention pains. It's part of being a school. It's usually a combination of miscommunication, the "this-doesn't-belong-to-me" department issue, or a lack of systems. 

Does that sound familiar?

After years of working with schools, I've broken this down into a simple formula:

When parents feel engaged, connected,...

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What's your Private School's Online Presence Saying to Prospective Parents?

Sep 03, 2019

Many of you are probably thinking, "oh yeah, I know my website and social need to be up to date. This doesn't apply to me."

Well, hold on partner! Let me ask you this: Do you have a weekly date scheduled in your calendar to google your school (on multiple platforms)? If not, then listen up my friend.

In an age of millennial parents and the growth of social media, now more than ever it is critically important that your school has a strong online presence. 

This goes beyond an...

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