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Tips, tricks, and strategies that help small schools attract and retain families!

3 Website Mistakes That Impact Admissions

Nov 08, 2021

Hi there, 

Are you making any of these easily avoidable mistakes on your school's website? Let's find out.

Many of the key mistakes that I see are fairly basic, but can truly make or break a prospective parent's experience of your school. 

Remember, many times, your website is the first impression parents are making of your school. ‍ Make it a good one!

1. You're not clearly including who you serve, where you're located, and what you offer. This info should be one of...

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3 Admissions Funnels to Boost Enrollment (That Aren't Open Houses)

Nov 05, 2021

Hi there, 

It's admissions season 2022! How's it going? 

If you're feeling overwhelmed, don't worry—today I have 3 admissions funnels (that aren't open houses!) which you can be planning and implementing year-round. These are great ways to widen your funnel and boost enrollment. 

Let's dive in: 

1. Event funnels. This can be an annual event that is aligned with your mission and showcases your value proposition. (For example, if you're an arts-focused school,...

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New Family Retention for the End of the Year

Oct 29, 2021

Hi there! 

Are you working on new family retention right now? Today I have a few tips that I urge you to implement now if you aren't already. 

1. Do a new parent survey. This gives parents an outlet to express their feedback, especially if it's anonymous. 

2. Parent/teacher conferences. This is an opportunity to get feedback from your teachers about how your new families are adapting and which families may need extra attention. 

3. Head of school & administration phone...

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Is Your Fundraising Hurting Your Parent Experience?

Oct 27, 2021

Hi friends! 

Today we have a much-needed topic for you: fundraising.

I've been talking A LOT about this recently, not only because it's the start of annual giving, but because the way you approach your asks year-round will truly affect your parents' perception of your school, their overall experience, and ultimately, your retention. 

Let's dive into some common fundraising tactics that I promise are not serving you OR your families, especially in small and independent...

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7 Surveys Every School Needs to Use

Oct 25, 2021

Hey there, 

Surveys are a hot topic right now! Why? Through annual surveys, you can benchmark data, figure out what's working, and what needs to improve. Here are 7 key surveys you should be using at your school: 

1. New-family survey. This helps your school better understand the new family experience and the admissions process through the eyes of a family. 

2. End of the year/all-school survey. This is a must-have survey! It allows you to benchmark important data from...

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👩‍🎓 Internal Marketing of Your Middle/High School

Oct 15, 2021

Hey there, 

Internal marketing = marketing gold. How does this apply to your school right now? 

If you have a middle or high school program (or whatever your next level is), you always want to be actively educating parents on that program AND overcoming their objections. 

This doesn't just happen the year before. By starting this process earlier, you're more likely to have a higher retention rate. 

Also, parents are not the only decision-makers in this process as...

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What is the 4-1 Rule?

Oct 11, 2021

Hi friends! 

As many schools are just starting their annual giving this month, I have a quick tip for your social media when it comes to marketing and fundraising this season. 

First, how much are you making those asks? When you look at your social media feeds, are there too many posts in a row about your annual fund? 

So as you post this season, remember this rule: 

For every post where you ask for something, surround it with at least 4 posts where you're...

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How to Create a High-Touch Customer Experience

Oct 08, 2021

Hi there!

In the age of digital marketing and automation, it's easy to lose a few key factors in school marketing, one of which is a high-touch customer experience.

Don't get me wrong—I'm all about automation and the power of technology, but there is something so special about a handwritten note!

However, there are so many ways we can still be using automation and technology to strategically create that high-touch experience. 

One of the ways to do this with your...

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Is Your High School or Middle School Worth it?

Sep 30, 2021

Hey there,

At independent schools, and small independent schools especially, it can be a challenge to keep up enrollment in middle school and high school.

If you currently have families in those prior levels who are approaching middle or high school (or whatever your next level is), how many of them are planning to stay on? Do you know what concerns they have? What do they want out of your next program?

By knowing these answers, you can work to overcome objections so that your ...

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The #1 Fundraising & Retention Mistake Schools Make

Sep 24, 2021

Hey there, 

Fundraising season is quickly approaching! How are your preparations going? 

Let's make sure you're ready for the season by discussing the one thing that can make or break participation in your annual giving: 

Relationship-building! Yes, I talk about this a lot as a key factor in your communications and retention efforts, but it's absolutely crucial in fundraising as well. 

Why? Let's say the first time a parent is hearing from you this...

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