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Tips, tricks, and strategies that help small schools attract and retain families!

The Parent Perspective: The Key To Marketing Enrollment & Retention 🗝

Jan 29, 2022

 Hi there!

 Did you know that understanding the parent perspective is key to your marketing enrollment and retention at your school? 

The majority of those working in small schools are most likely wearing multiple hats, constantly busy - so it’s much easier to continue on as you have been with the same marketing approaches. But here we enter a tricky territory, something I like to call: the dangerous cycle of assumptions 

We assume we know what parents are thinking,...

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4 Enrollment Tasks That Overwhelmed Admissions Teams Can Outsource

Jan 26, 2022

Hi there,

Does this admissions season have you feeling depleted, overworked, and overwhelmed? With COVID on the rise, the chaos can feel compounded, leaving us with more work and issues to address than usual during this time of year. 

I'm encouraging you to outsource - yes, I said it. 

Outsourcing can be the solution you need to take that extra workload off your plate so you can focus on what needs immediate attention. So today I share with you 4 enrollment tasks that...

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📑 📲 Print Materials vs Digital: Which is Best for Your School?

Jan 22, 2022

 Hi there!

Last week during our Small School Leaders Meetup, a key hot topic came up: Print Materials vs. Digital, what’s the best option for your school? 

 Here are some tips on how to determine what’s right for you!

Recently, small schools have been reevaluating their budgets, wondering if print materials are the best use of their money and time or if they would benefit from switching over to digital. This shift will look different for each school because, to...

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Will Your Families Stay? 5 Retention Tips to Help You Find Out

Jan 21, 2022

 Hi there!

As schools, we want to know who's leaving and who’s staying - This helps us plan and decipher what's working, what's not, why are people leaving? Etc. This time of year is so important because it determines how many openings we have next year, our marketing strategy and so much more. 

 So let's dive into my five tips that will help you determine if families are staying or leaving!

 Number 1 Teacher Tracking 

More than anyone else, teachers...

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Independent School Retention Using the Connect 4 Framework

Jan 21, 2022

Hi there!

As we all know - it costs more money, time, energy, and frustration to get prospective families into our school rather than keeping the families we already have and love.

 By implementing the Connect 4 Framework, you’ll be sure to boost your school’s retention rates!

 Number Connection to the Teacher 

Teachers are with students the majority of the day, and as a parent, we want to know and trust that our child is in good hands. This...

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5 Retention Do's For 2022

Jan 08, 2022

 Hi there,

 If you're struggling with retention - you're going to see that your external brand hurt, your enrollment hurt and your community suffer.

Here are my 5 retention DO'S for 2022!

1. Surveys and third-party interviews  how are you going to improve your school if you don't know what parents are feeling/thinking? This can is result what I call the silent but deadly people, a.k.a those who won't say anything and then won't renew their contract for the following year...

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5 Key COVID Communications for 2022

Jan 08, 2022

 Hi there,

There are 5 key COVID communications you want to be using right now. 

 COVID isn't going anywhere. Schools are experiencing spikes, staff shortage and receiving varying guidance from multiple sources. COVID communications are very helpful to your school, especially for your parents to receive. 

Times are changing and there's so much going on that sometimes we forget to communicate these key elements. 

 You want to constantly be communicating. You...

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4 Communications to Send Current Parents January through March

Jan 08, 2022

Hi there,

 You're probably wondering: why January through March? Well, this is a key retention time point.

It's a period where parents are asking themselves, "do we opt out of the school or stay?" and "I'm spending X amount of dollars every year, is it worth it?"  

 Basically, this time of year is pivotal for your current parents, but with these 4 key communications that I'm sharing with you today, you'll be able to save your retention. 

1.  Sending out an...

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When You Need to Say No to an Applicant

Dec 22, 2021

Hi there!

I'm going to start by sharing this incredible marketing quote which perfectly captures the essence of the topic I have for you today: 

"Marketing to everyone is marketing to no one."

You've heard me express this time and time again, but I want to stress how important and relevant this is today. 

Thinking back to two years ago, did your school want to increase enrollment? Did you have a surge in enrollment during the beginning of COVID-19? If...

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Your External Brand v. Your Marketing

Dec 20, 2021

Hey there, 

Is there a disconnect between your external brand and your marketing/mission? This is such an important topic! It's been on my mind lately as I've been conducting a lot of third-party interviews with schools lately. 

To start, I'd like to distinguish your external brand from your marketing/mission. What really is your external brand? It can also be your external perception, or simply, what the outside community thinks of your school. 

On the other hand, ...

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