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Tips, tricks, and strategies that help small schools attract and retain families!

Why Schools Need Problems: Growth during Uncertain Times

Apr 21, 2020

Hello friends, 

I'm actually really excited to share this with you today.

It's about problems. But it's not what you think. I want to talk to you about why we actually need problems in our lives.

Schools have problems!

Right now, what we are dealing with is considered a problem. We've got a global pandemic, economic ups and downs, and schools unable to open their doors. 

Yep, I don't know anyone who wouldn't consider those some pretty major problems. But much more important...

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5 Video Tips for Small Schools During Coronavirus School Closures

Apr 21, 2020

Hi friend, 

Since so many of you are diving into video (I'm talking to you Heads of School!), I created this video just for you.

We all know that video is the fastest way (beyond in-person!) to connect with people, to truly convey emotion and authenticity. So it's no wonder why it's a necessity now more than ever!

If you're still not producing at least 3-4 videos weekly from staff, faculty, and Heads of School, then you're hurting your chances of 1) building community and connection...

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Serving Beyond Your Private School Community: Embracing Opportunity

Apr 19, 2020

Hi friend, 

I'm excited to talk with you about how to serve beyond your community and why it's more important than ever to take massive action around this issue.

You might think, I'm so busy serving my school families why do I need to serve beyond?

Yes, it's critical to engage, connect and serve your community but now is the time to think of the broader digital world before you.

Now more than ever, with everyone online and social media blowing up, there is a tremendous...

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Do Small Schools Need to Market During School Closures & the Coronavirus Crisis?

Apr 18, 2020

Hi friend, 

I'm here for you! My goal is to serve independent schools and help them survive and thrive during this time of school closures and the coronavirus health crisis.

Today, I'm discussing something I'm hearing small schools talking about.

Do we need to market while schools are closed?

(obviously my answer is YES!)

I'm going to tell you why.

Here's the situation. Schools are looking at their budgets and saying, "let's cut out ads and social media."

But here's why small schools...

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Lessons Learned During the Coronavirus & How to Prepare Your School for the Future

Apr 11, 2020

Hi friend, 

This topic has been on my heart for awhile.

As I watch small schools scramble to create effective distance learning programs and train staff on Zoom and other platforms, I feel compelled to run to each one of them and give some tips for the future (an after-coronavirus-future). 

And just a side note: I'm a water-glass-half-full kinda gal so I'm not trying to be a Debbie Downer here. I just happen to be very practical and believe in learning from mistakes. I don't want to...

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Parent Coronavirus Communications: What Small Schools are Forgetting!

Apr 04, 2020

Dear friend, 

Here's some tips for what you need to remember when creating communications for parents. 

What I'm seeing a lot of schools do is focus on the academic support or distanced learning programs that students need. So many schools are having to create these from scratch and the amount of energy required to implement them is huge. 

But along the way, we've forgotten some major things about communications: they have to serve our families where they are TODAY, in...

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5 Tips to Prepare Faculty & Staff for Coronavirus School Closure & Distance Learning

Mar 24, 2020

Hey friend, 

As we enter into another week of the health crisis and economic uncertainty, many more schools are closing and embarking on distance learning. 

Whether your school is currently closed or preparing to in the near future, these 5 tips will help you support your faculty and staff with your transition and mastery of distance learning. 

Let's chat about how to set up your faculty and staff up for success during school closures. 

1. Test Your Systems

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5 Ways to Support Small Independent Schools During the Health and Financial Crisis

Mar 18, 2020

Hey friend, 

Does your child attend an independent school? Or perhaps there's one in your neighborhood?

Then you've seen the tremendous value they provide children. These nonprofits serve students and families and are driven by their unique missions. They're an important part of our community.

Yet, independent schools, just like small businesses and nonprofits, have been impacted by the health and financial crisis.

Schools are closing. Those without distance learning plans...

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Tips for Working from Home with Children During the Coronavirus Crisis

Mar 17, 2020

Hey friend, 

My heart is with you right much is happening so fast. We've got a health crisis and an economic challenge. 

Schools are closed but work keeps going. How do working parents stay productive and try and teach their children? 

I'm here to help. As a small business owner, I'm in this with you.

While I'm filming this video, I have two young children downstairs (who could at any minute pop in and video-bomb this whole thing!). 

I'm juggling the...

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4 Areas Small Schools Waste Marketing Money

Mar 14, 2020

Hey friend, 

I'm excited to chat with you today about four areas small schools waste money. 

Why is this important? Because small schools have limited resources, especially time and money! And I don't want you to waste those precious dollars and staff time.

So, let's get started. 

1. Outsourcing Ads (before you know how to do them)

Look, I get that Facebook Ads Manager is not the most user-friendly tool. It's clunky and complicated. Most schools take one look at it and shove it...

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