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Marketing Made Easy

Tips, tricks, and strategies that help small schools attract and retain families!

4 Mistakes Small School Marketing Teams Make

Mar 22, 2021

Hello today!

Are you a part of a small school marketing team? These are some of the most common mistakes I see that are costing you time and money!

1. You're copying the big schools. They have different resources and a different community! What works for one school may not work for another. 

2. You haven't built your marketing foundations. Look at what you already have and optimize it, rather than going for the fancy, expensive marketing strategies right away. 

3. You're...

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Community Building [w/MJ Zafis-Garcia & Sabrina Colaianni]

Mar 16, 2021

Hey there,

Today, as a part of our Community Builder series, I'm joined by MJ Zafis-Garcia and Sabrina Colaianni from St. Raphael School in Rockville, MD to chat about the ways that they build community in their school amidst COVID-19!

Sabrina summed it up nicely, "For us, community starts with ideas and ends with people." When it comes to the limits of virtual and socially-distanced events, the most important questions are, what can't we do? What's the...

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The Key to Success 🔑 Foundational Marketing

Mar 15, 2021

Hi there!

Today we're going to be talking about something that is key to your success: foundational marketing.

Now, what is foundational marketing?

Let me start by telling you what it's not:

  • Shiny object syndrome
  • Jumping on the next big marketing trend
  • In-depth studies, Facebook & Google Ads
  • Being on 15 social media platforms

Sure, some of these marketing tactics can be important later on. But does your school have a solid marketing foundation?

This is what...

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3 Reasons Why Your School Should Stay in Its Lane

Mar 09, 2021

Hello today! 

I want to bring up the difference between healthy and toxic school competition.

I see this all the time! While it's important to monitor your competition, it's not a good idea to model the other school simply because you want to jump on a new trend, or adapt what looks like a flashy marketing tactic. 

Whatever it might be, here are three reasons to avoid this:

  You don't know that what other school is doing is even successful. (The grass is always...

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Collaboration Over Competition 🤝

Mar 08, 2021

Hi there!

Today I want to talk about the importance of collaboration between independent schools. 

Through COVID, I have noticed a lot of heads of schools come together through professional development and support each other during this time. However, I think we can be taking this even further!

Not only can you help support other schools, but you can be seeking out opportunities for collaboration that disrupt your market and mutually benefit. 

There are so many unknowns right now in...

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The Best COVID-Friendly School Event Idea [w/Andrea Bateman]

Mar 02, 2021

Today I'm joined by Andrea Bateman, Director of Marketing & Enrollment at St. Philip Lutheran School, to discuss how she builds community and family interaction at her school.

In the past year, we've seen a complete shift in community-building strategies in schools. With safety regulations, social distancing, and having to switch to virtual events, schools have had to get creative to keep families engaged.

For Andrea, this is Simon Says: Car Edition, where families meet via...

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Is Your School Disappointing Families?

Mar 01, 2021

Hey there,

It's the COVID era of admissions, and what that means for small independent schools is that you're likely working on overdrive right now.

As always, schools are communicating with current parents, alumni parents, and prospective parents. However, during this increase in enrollment and interest, schools might not necessarily be thinking about the admissions process from the parent's perspective.

So, I'm giving you 4 actionable steps to make your process smoother, and prevent...

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Building Community [Interview w/Mia Johnstone from Ready Set Enroll]

Feb 24, 2021

Today we are joined by Mia Johnstone from Ready Set Enroll to discuss how building genuine connections should be at the core of your school's endeavors. We answer the fundamental questions: How do we build these lasting relationships amidst COVID-19? How do we nurture prospects and foster community?

Connection is key, and with 13+ years of experience in working with private schools, Mia Johnstone is a true connector. Her marketing career started with working in...

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Why Your School Should Be a Digital Storyteller

Feb 24, 2021

Hey there, 

Today we're discussing the key marketing principle of digital storytelling. You may think, does this apply to my school?

It absolutely does. Why? People make decisions based on emotion and back it up with logic. I can't stress this enough. What this means for your school is that your prospective families are looking at the story of your school.

How do you tell that story? Millennial parents are seeing that initial story through your website...

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4 Strategies to Uplevel Your School's Newsletter

Feb 16, 2021

Hello today! 

I have a much-needed topic for you today: your school's newsletter!

Take a moment and ask yourself:

Are we consistent in our planning and sending of newsletters? Is it easy for parents to find the information they need in our newsletters? Does our newsletter include images or videos?

If you answered "no" to any of the above, this is perfect for you. Don't worry, I've boiled it down to 4 simple strategies:

Determine the schedule & function of...

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