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Marketing Made Easy

Tips, tricks, and strategies that help small schools attract and retain families!

Making the Most of Your Small School's Faculty In-Service! 🎥

Aug 19, 2022
I'm a faculty/staff in-service veteran. I am not going to fib...I always let out a groan when that week rolled around. But this intensive preparation time serves many purposes. And when I became Director of Marketing and Development, I saw this as a great opportunity.

Why? Because faculty/staff were all on campus and forced to participate in a week of meetings and activities. Perfect! I wormed my way into the agenda and blocked off time to film faculty/staff.

I batched all the videos...
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My Number 1 Faculty In-Service Tip for Your Independent School!

Aug 19, 2022

↔ While working with schools, we've noticed there is often a disconnect between what parents think the school and teachers are delivering and what is actually being delivered. Now, there are many reasons for this but I'm going to tackle one common one today.

‍ Schools put a ton of effort into the parent handbook. It is one of the most overproduced yet underutilized things in a school.

Although many schools require parents to read the handbook and often highlight important parts of...

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Faculty In-Service Tip for Your Independent School 😎🏫

Aug 10, 2022

It's that time of year again...faculty and staff in-services are happening! I've been to countless in-services either as a school employee or as a presenter. So I've witnessed the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to what works well and what should be avoided during these pivotal days before school starts. Today's tip is about connecting and building community.

Let's just say that as an employee I groaned when in-service rolled around. I would go to the minimal amounts of meetings...

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Marketing Your Small School is Holistic, Here's How! 🤩

Aug 08, 2022

I meet with lots of Heads of School and administrators and I'm sometimes very surprised by their view of marketing.

Some schools think marketing is about digital ads, email sequences, brand awareness, communications, SEO, and social media.

Yes, marketing is all of those things. But it's also so much more.

Marketing is woven into the fabric of your school. It's part of every communication, conversation, and connection.

Internal marketing has the power to increase retention and keep the...

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Negative vs. Positive Parent Experiences & How It Affects School Retention

Jul 28, 2022

"Understanding Customers” by Ruby Newell-Legner claims that it takes 12 positive experiences to make up for ONE unresolved negative experience.

Now, you may be thinking, "well, I'll just make sure there are no negative experiences for my school families." But let's be realistic. Your school is going to make a mistake.

Even if you try to deliver excellent customer service, someone will make a mistake.
It could be that one day carpool takes too long and a parent misses an important...

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8 Common Strategic Planning Mistakes for Private Schools

Jun 10, 2022

Hi there,

Schools are really starting to dive into their strategic planning this year With the ease of COVID, now's the time to play catch up, but there are 8 common strategic planning mistakes I oftentimes see schools make. Today I'm sharing with you what these mistakes are to prevent you from doing the same! Let's dive in...

1.) Not collecting data before heading into strategic planning I see schools scheduling meetups to chat about their 1-3 year plan, but...

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How to Help Your 1 Person Marketing Team Win

Jun 04, 2022

Hi there,

Small schools everywhere are being faced with the challenge of having minimal support and staffing for their marketing teams so here are my top tips on how to make sure your marketing team stills wins

1.) Determine the ROI on all of your marketing initiatives Ask yourself, are they actually worth the time and energy you're investing? I highly recommend going through and doing an audit to figure out which things are working and which things aren't. This will be unique for...

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4 Summer Retention Strategies for Your Private School ☀️

May 21, 2022

Hi there,

You're probably wondering, why are we talking about retention? It's summer! Turns out, summer is an opportune time for retention efforts because parents are more receptive to what you have to say So let's dive into 4 summer retention strategies you need to implement this summer!

1.) Communicate with parents throughout the entire summer I see too many schools stop their communication once school ends and begin again just a couple of weeks before school begins. The goal here...

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5 Social Media Content Ideas for Your Private School this Summer 📲☀️

May 14, 2022

Hi there,

Planning on keeping up with your summer communications? I hope you are! Maybe you've hit a wall on what to post on social media - I'm here to help! Today I'm sharing with you my top 5 content ideas for your social media this summer

1. Meet the Staff Incorporate features of your staff throughout the summer alongside a photo, short bio, their position, and a few fun questions. This is a great way for parents to get to know and connect with the staff over the summer, and everyone...

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6 Things to Include in Your Summer Communications

May 07, 2022

Hi there,

This summer, I hope you're keeping up with your communications!  What many don't realize is that this is a great opportunity to connect, inform, inspire, and engage your new and current parents  

So let's dive into my top 6 content ideas for your summer communications!

1.) Who does what?  Our school communities are constantly changing. Every year we get new people in, others leaving, etc. Including this info in your summer communications helps puts a face...

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