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Tips, tricks, and strategies that help small schools attract and retain families!

4 Social Media Tips for Small Schools

Aug 09, 2021

Hi friends! 

Do you manage social media for your small school? If so, I have 4 helpful tips that will allow you to save time and create content that is best aligned with your goals. 

Let's dive into these key strategies: 

1. Know its purpose.  For instance, if your social media is mostly for your current parents, there's a better way to deliver them that content. 

2. Be more efficient with your time through batching and scheduling content.

3. Track your...

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4 Tips for What to Keep & What to Outsource

Aug 04, 2021

 Hey there, 

Do you have a lot on your plate? Whether you're a small or large school, you can apply these 4 steps to determine what items on your task list you should focus on, what you can outsource, and what you can eliminate altogether. 

These will not only save you so much time, they will help you be more efficient and productive during the time you do have. 

1. Determine your zone of genius—the work that moves your school forward that only you can do!

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How to Help Your Families Prepare for the School Year w/Pamela Wray

Jul 28, 2021

Hi there, 

As we approach the new school year, it is so important to be accommodating & supportive to your families, new or returning, as they enter into new territory yet again.

As school leader Pamela Wray points out in our discussion on how we can help families to prepare for the upcoming year—while some things are returning to normal, we still have never experienced a post-pandemic year of school before. 

Whether it's straightforward, informative communication, extra...

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Common Digital Ad Mistakes Schools Make w/Angie Ward

Jul 27, 2021

Hey there!

Are you a part of an independent school? Understanding these common digital advertising mistakes that schools make will help you improve your ads, drive traffic, and help to increase enrollment at your school. 

To explain some of these mistakes and how to fix them I've brought on Angie Ward of Enroll Media Group, who helps schools with result-driven digital marketing campaigns.

One of the major mistakes that schools are making is that they're not tracking the...

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Re-engaging Your Parent Community w/Pamela Wray

Jul 27, 2021

Hey there, 

Today, I'm delighted to chat with Pamela Wray, an incredible member of our Small School Leaders community!

Pamela is the Enrollment Management Coordinator for the Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Richmond. Her focus is strengthening school communities by providing admissions and marketing support to enhance student retention and enrollment growth. 

We discuss the important topic of re-engaging your school's parent community after the past COVID year. It is crucial for...

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How to Use LinkedIn Ads at Your School w/Angie Ward

Jul 26, 2021

Hi there! 

Today I'm excited to chat with Angie Ward of Enroll Media Group about the power of using LinkedIn Ads at your school. 

Many schools use Facebook, Instagram, and Google for their advertising, and while those are great tools, LinkedIn advertising allows for different targetting capabilities such as career title and industry, and more. 

LinkedIn can also enable your school to run an HR campaign that would target anybody who works in human resources or...

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6 Reasons Why Digital Ads Won't Work for Your School

Jul 17, 2021

Hey there! 

Are you trying to increase enrollment for your small or independent school through digital ads? If you're not seeing results, these 6 reasons may be why. 

For those of you just starting out, this can be reframed as the things you need to do before you start. 

1. Your online presence is not optimized
2. Your niche is not clearly defined 
3. Your product needs changes or improvements
4. You don't have an enrollment funnel plan 
5. You're not offering enough...

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🏫 4 Ways to Build Retention

Jul 14, 2021

Hi there!

How are your retention efforts coming? It's so important to be thinking long-term when it comes to retention and building these practices into your family's experience.

These key strategies will not only allow you to gain insight into your families, they will help you shape their experience and ultimately attract them to stay. 

1. Find out why your families chose you 
2. Reaffirm their decision
3. Create a personalized experience
4.  Regularly checking in and...

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How to Plan Your Admissions, Development, and Marketing Budgets

Jul 14, 2021

Hello friend! 

Are you in a development, admissions, or marketing department at your school? This conversation is one that I believe can benefit anyone working in these departments, especially when it comes to planning and considering your budgets. 

This came from a question I received recently from a small school administrator, who asked what the average percentage is of a school's budget that should be allocated to marketing. 

I'm super excited to discuss this, as it's...

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Best Practices for Starting Your New Position

Jul 14, 2021

Hi there, 

Have you recently started a new position at a school?  Whether you're a new Head of School, Marketing, Admissions, Advancement Director, or similar role, this is the video for you! 

At small and independent schools, starting a new role can be a lot of learning, onboarding, and getting to know the culture and nuances of a school. These tips will help your transition into the job be a smooth one.

If your school does not already have a project management...

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