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Tips, tricks, and strategies that help small schools attract and retain families!

Your External Brand v. Your Marketing

Dec 20, 2021

Hey there, 

Is there a disconnect between your external brand and your marketing/mission? This is such an important topic! It's been on my mind lately as I've been conducting a lot of third-party interviews with schools lately. 

To start, I'd like to distinguish your external brand from your marketing/mission. What really is your external brand? It can also be your external perception, or simply, what the outside community thinks of your school. 

On the other hand, ...

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How to Plan for PLANuary 📒

Dec 18, 2021

Hi friend! 

We're coming up on my favorite time of year: PLAN-uary!

Yes—you read that right. What better way is there to kick off the beginning of your year than to crack open a nice, fresh new planner?  

If you're looking to stay on top of your work, wellness, and fitness goals, my top favorite planners and productivity tools will help set you up for success in 2022—

1. Full Focus Planner

2. Panda Planner (BONUS: Rocketbook Panda Planner for erasable pages which...

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💸 What to Budget for in 2022

Dec 17, 2021

 Hi there!

Want to budget for success this upcoming year? 

Here's a few mindful budgeting tips I practice and suggest you adopt as you're looking ahead into the new year. 

 1 What was the return on investment of the things that we actually did with our budget last year. What was the return on investment? I want to know, because if something wasn't a good return on investment, I am not going to repeat it this next year.

2I list out all the challenges the...

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5 Ways to Win with Social Proof

Dec 17, 2021

 Hi there!

What is social proof? It’s when people trust other people's opinions because they have more experience with the product, and surprise - this applies to schools too!

In this digital age, schools really need to think about how their social proof can be used, so today I have 5ways you can WIN with social proof. 

 try implementing alumni highlights to your weekly newsletter, or in however way you digitally connect with your parents. It showcases...

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🔗 The Missing Link: Parent Community & Engagement

Dec 17, 2021

Hi there!

Do you feel that your school might be missing something special? 

We've had the privilege to work with several schools and do third-party interviews for them, (click here to schedule a call with me today to get yours!) with their parents and 1common theme that came up was that parents want community. It's something that is sorely missed and it keeps them connected to the school. Why would we want to connect them to your school? Because a more connected...

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3 Quick Communication Tips for Marketing & Admissions Professionals

Dec 10, 2021

Hi there!

   I have 3 quick communication tips for marketing and admissions professionals. If that’s you, listen up! Why do we want to know these tips? Because they're going to make your life easier and I'm all about making it easier for you.

1 Number one, if you're in this position, you really need to be on all teacher communication lists. So if teachers are using Vidigami or Homeroom app, etc. you need to be on it. If they are sending weekly emails, you need to be on these...

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5 Revelations Parents Share in 3rd Party Interviews

Dec 10, 2021

Hi there!

  These 5 revelations that parents share might surprise you! 

As a school, why do you want to know this information? Because it will impact your retention efforts. It will assist with your enrollment efforts and overall it will help you feel more informed about what's actually happening at your school.

1 Parents will actually share if they're planning to stay at your school. They will honestly share what’s on their mind and what their plans are - and that,  to a...

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6 Reasons Families Leave Schools

Dec 08, 2021

Hi there!

Today I'll be sharing with you 6 Reasons why families leave schools. This knowledge is critical because you want to retain the families that you have, the families that you love, because it saves you time, money, energy, everything  - and creates a community that is really supportive.

  1. There is a disconnection between the product that they were sold through the admissions process and their experience as a parent. 
  2.  They don't see the value and yes, you would think...
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3 Ways to Showcase Your School's Value to Your Admissions List

Dec 07, 2021

Hi there!

Struggling to engage your admissions list? I have 3 key tips on how to win over the families considering enrolling in your school with strategies that showcase your special value proposition.

  1.  Your admissions list should be included in all your soft touch emails to families. What do I mean by soft touch? I'm talking about your holiday emails, your gratitude emails. It is a “soft touch” of what's happening in the school or highlighting something really cool.
  2.  ...
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☃️ 5 Ways to Showcase Your Value Proposition This Season

Nov 15, 2021

Hi friends! 

This November, December, and January is the ultimate time to showcase your value proposition! 

Yes, that's right, we're in gratitude season. Some of these strategies may seem like a given, but it's so easy to let many of these easy practices fall off your plate. 

Instead, I encourage you to be mindful of the ways you not only show your appreciation for your parents, students, and staff, but how you showcase those magic moments happening at your school right now.


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